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  • The Feeling of Loneliness and Social Media Usage Within Children of Single Parents. in the book of Communication in the Digital Era (2019) [TR]

Article Translations

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  • A New Civilization and its Discontents in Times of Covid-19? Heribert Blass. Psychoanalytic Writings, volume 43: Pscyhosis (2021) [ENG to TR]

  • On ‘The Fear of Death’ as the Primary Anxiety: How and Why Klein Differs from Freud, Rachel B. Blass. Psychoanalytic Writings, volume 41: Beyond the Pleasure Principle (2021) [ENG to TR]

  • Zoomtherapy in Flatland – Psychotherapy in Times of Corona, Yossi Triest. Psychoanalytic Writings, volume 40: Dreams Revisited (2020) [ENG to TR]

Deniz Coşan - Specialist Clinical Psychologist


Clinical Psychologist & Psychotherapist & Clinical Supervisor & Psychoanalyst in Formation IPA

Deniz Coşan is a Clinical Psychologist & Counselling Psychologist & Psychotherapist & Psychoanalyst in Formation located in Istanbul, Turkey. She applies counselling, psychotherapy and psychoanalysis for adults in private practice & she also offers clinical supervision to psychotherapist working in psychoanalytical approach. Her sessions are both in English and in Turkish, face to face & online.