Psychoanalysis is a treatment method that enables to analyse the psychic mechanisms within a deep and intensive work. The psyhoanalytic frame depends on the patient lying on the couch not seeing the psychoanalyst and the psychoanalyst sitting on a chair behind the patient, and on the stability principle that defines stable days and hours at least three times a week, and the sessions last for 45 minutes.

Benefits of the Psychoanalytic Relationship

Psychoanalytic setting enables to work on the infantile experiences and inner processes. Psychoanalyst and the patient constitutes a care giver and care taker relationship just like the mother and child relationship. Most of the times in psychoanalytical process, inner processes are experineced again, and analysed while experiencing, worked on and repaired in the deep healing relationship.

Psychoanalytic Tecniques

“Free Association” technique is used, which is that the patient tells whatever comes to her/his mind without censoring as much as possible. This technique enables the unconscious material to become conscious. The interpretation of the associations those constitute the material of psychoanalytical work, the repeated and multi-layered work on the psychic materials supplies the internalization emotinally of the rational awarenesses, and make them permanent and spontaneous.


The Difference from Psychoanalytic Therapies

The difference between the psychoanalysis and psychoanalytic psychotherapies is the frame of psychoanalysis that enables to work in deeper psychic material by revealing regressive mental processes. Each psychoanalytic journey made within the company of psychoanalyst is a unique process containing with personal inner themes. That powerful inner journey makes the repressed come to the surface, the unnamed is named, and the potential come out and grow.

Psychoanalysts’ Approach of the Psychoanalysis

Freud claims that psychoanalysis could not be learned by reading psychoanaltical books but is learned by experiencing it. Winnicott suggests that psychoanalysis offers an holding environment. Bion emphasizes the containing capacity of psychoanalysis. A modern psychoanalyst Rene Roussillion mentiones about the mentalization process that becomes possible through the psychoanalytic journey. In her book “An Analytic Journey” Marilia Aisenstein says that she still remembers her first dream and the first interpretaion in her analysis with all the emotions. She defines that pscyhoanalysis enables a person to become the subject of her/his own journey in life.

“About Psychoanalysis”, IPA

The article “About Psychoanalysis” written by training and supervising psychoanalysts of IPA is linked here.

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Deniz Coşan is a Clinical Psychologist & Counselling Psychologist & Psychotherapist & Psychoanalyst in Formation located in Istanbul, Turkey. She applies counselling, psychotherapy and psychoanalysis for adults in private practice & she also offers clinical supervision to psychotherapist working in psychoanalytical approach. Her sessions are both in English and in Turkish, face to face & online.